About Us

This energetic graphic design company has been a creative idea outlet since 2012.
Sarah Ayres is the sole proprietor of Cows inc. She is a qualified interior designer; and a graphic designer by training. She has a passion for all things creative. With over 7 years of industry experience; she uses her skills to bring fresh ideas to clients.

Our Services

Our passion lies with creative brand management and graphic communication. We build the visual experience that a consumer has with an identity or brand.
Graphic design merges artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. We use a combination of typography, visual arts and layout techniques to produce the final result.
By analysing your needs and planning with you, we strategically develop how your brand is perceived and ensure that the story we tell for you helps to build your relationship with the target market. The identity of your business begins with your logo and corporate colours and carries through to your office signage, corporate stationery, reporting, brochures, flyers, website and more.


How we Work

Our process

  1. Design brief – an early statement of design goals by the client
  2. Analysis – Cows inc. performs an independent analysis of current design goals and investigates similar design solutions in the market
  3. Draft phase – initial presentation of our design solutions
  4. Development – continuation and improvement of a designed solution with the clients comments and suggestions included
  5. Implementation – introducing the designed solution into the marketplace via printed and digital platforms


Hourly – for smaller projects that need lots of attention and where the nature of a project may change often. A brief needs to be given and a log sheet will be kept with hours taken to complete the work to client satisfaction.

Ad Hoc – for medium sized projects where there is a clear outcome required and a definite deadline to work toward. A brief needs to be given and the project will be quoted on.

Retainer – for larger projects or multiple projects where your company may require longer term design assistance. A contract needs to be drawn up between your company and Cows inc. outlining needs, restraints and billing information. A brief will need to be given per new project.



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